Crypto Chaos Unleashed: Brace for a Potential 30% Plummet and Market Turmoil Ahead


In a recent market analysis, concerns have been raised regarding a potential market crash, drawing parallels to last year's U.S. banking crisis. The expiration of a critical funding program and the depletion of the Federal Reserve's reverse repo program are identified as key factors that could trigger this downturn.

Market Dynamics

The impending expiration of a crucial Federal Reserve facility, the Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP), on March 12, is creating uncertainty in the market. The BTFP, which played a pivotal role in averting a regional banking crisis last year, might not be extended, potentially leading to turbulence in the banking sector.

Additionally, the drawdown of the Federal Reserve's reverse repo program (RRP) has been identified as a potential catalyst for a market downturn. The RRP balance, which reached a record high of $2.5 trillion at the end of 2022, has sharply declined to $700 billion. It is projected to hit its historical average of $200 billion by March. This reduction in liquidity could have widespread implications across various asset classes.

Potential Impact on Cryptocurrency 

The analysis suggests that the cryptocurrency market, including popular assets like Bitcoin, may not be immune to the broader market challenges. A "liquidity rug pull" event, reminiscent of the banking crisis in March of the previous year, is anticipated.

If these scenarios unfold as predicted, Bitcoin could experience a correction ranging from 20% to 30% from early March prices. In the event of a BTC rally to $60,000-$70,000 in the coming weeks, the decline might be more substantial, reaching up to 40%. However, the report emphasizes that Bitcoin's unique position as a neutral reserve hard currency, independent of the banking system, could contribute to a relatively swift rebound.


Market participants are advised to remain vigilant in the coming months, considering the potential impact of the expiration of key funding programs and the declining liquidity in the market. The interconnected nature of financial markets globally suggests that developments in traditional finance may have ripple effects on the cryptocurrency market. As uncertainties loom, strategic decision-making and risk management will be crucial for investors navigating these dynamic market conditions.

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