Dominate the Saltwater Games Airdrop: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming $XR Tokens!


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Saltwater Games Unveils $XR Token and XR Quest Platform, Ushering in a New Era of Play2Impact Gaming

Get ready to dive into the future of gaming! Saltwater Games, a visionary studio known for blending Web3, AI, and immersive technologies, has just launched the $XR (eXtended Reality) Token and the XR Quest Platform. This exciting development marks a turning point in the industry, offering gamers a unique opportunity to be rewarded for their contributions and participate in a groundbreaking Play2Impact ecosystem.

Saltwater Games: Renowned IPs Meet Cutting-Edge Tech

Saltwater Games isn’t your average gaming studio. They’re revolutionizing the way we play by merging iconic intellectual properties with the latest advancements in technology. Their diverse portfolio boasts titles like Doctor Who, Resurgence, FreeRunner, Infinite Inside, Celeros, and Peaky Blinders, ensuring there’s something for every gamer to enjoy.

$XR Token: The Heart of the XR Ecosystem

The $XR token is the cornerstone of the Saltwater Games ecosystem, managed by the XR Foundation. Built seamlessly on the XR Network’s L3 Orbit Chain, the $XR token empowers players to not only earn rewards but also influence the future of the platform. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Arbitrum, Airspeeder, and Arcanum Ventures further solidify the $XR token’s position as a major player in the Web3 gaming landscape.

Backed by Industry Titans

Saltwater Games isn’t going it alone. They’re backed by a powerhouse lineup of investors, including 4th Revolution Capital, DeusX Capital, Primal Capital, Animoca Brands, UpsideDAO, Acacia Digital, and EthLizards. This impressive roster signifies the immense potential that investors see in Saltwater Games’ vision for the future of gaming.

Join the XR Quest and Earn Your Rewards

This is your chance to be a part of something groundbreaking! By participating in the XR Quest, you can earn the tXR questing reward currency. Your contributions will not only pave the way for future rewards but also position you to secure a share of the limited $XR token supply through an upcoming 
Airdrop right after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

So, are you ready to embark on an epic XR Quest and become a part of the Play2Impact gaming revolution? Stay tuned for more updates from Saltwater Games, and get ready to experience the future of gaming!

Step by step guide SaltWater Games AirdropEmbark on Your XR Quest: 

Head over to the XR Quest Platform and create your very own Saltwater Games account. This is your gateway to a world of exciting quests and exclusive rewards.

1. Quest and Earn tXR: Get ready to flex your gaming muscles! As you complete quests on the platform, you’ll be rewarded with tXR, the on-chain questing reward currency. Remember, the more quests you conquer, the more tXR you’ll accumulate, increasing your chances of landing a larger slice of the $XR Airdrop pie after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

2. Spread the Word and Earn More: The fun doesn’t stop with you! By referring your friends using your unique code, you’ll both receive a bonus of 150 tXR each. But that’s not all! The more friends you refer, the higher your referral multiplier gets, potentially boosting your earnings by up to 4 times.
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3. Unlock the Power of NFTs (Optional): For those seeking to maximize their rewards, consider acquiring a special Reward Multiplier NFT. This exclusive in-game item will grant you bonus tXR for every quest you complete, significantly boosting your overall earnings throughout the campaign.

4. Claim Your $XR Airdrop (Coming Soon): After the Token Generation Event (TGE), keep your eyes peeled for the Saltwater Games Airdrop claim portal. This is where you’ll be able to redeem the tXR you’ve earned and claim your well-deserved share of the $XR token supply. Remember, there’s only a limited amount available, so make sure you participate in the XR Quest to qualify!

Important Note: Be wary of scams! Saltwater Games will provide all official information regarding the Airdrop claim process. Stay tuned for further updates and claim your $XR tokens only through the designated Saltwater Games channels.

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