Crypto Market Predictions for 2024: Bitcoin Targets $80,000 Amid Spot ETF Launch and Halving


Ryan Rasmussen, a senior crypto research analyst at Bitwise Asset Management, has put forth optimistic forecasts for the cryptocurrency landscape in 2024. A standout prediction in Rasmussen's outlook is the expectation of Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high of $80,000, driven by two pivotal factors: the imminent launch of a spot Bitcoin ETF and the scheduled halving of new Bitcoin supply by April 2024.

Bitcoin's Anticipated Surge

Rasmussen's projection is grounded in the transformative impact of two key catalysts. Firstly, the introduction of a spot Bitcoin ETF in early 2024 is poised to attract significant institutional investment, potentially propelling Bitcoin to unprecedented levels. Additionally, the expected halving of new Bitcoin supply by April 2024 is seen as a crucial factor enhancing Bitcoin's scarcity, likely leading to increased demand and subsequent price appreciation.

Triumph of Spot Bitcoin ETF

Bitwise is not only anticipating regulatory approval for the spot Bitcoin ETF but envisions its launch as the most successful ETF introduction in history. The outlook includes these ETFs collectively capturing 1% of the $7.2 trillion U.S. ETF market, accumulating $72 billion in assets under management over the next five years. Bitwise is actively seeking approval for a spot Bitcoin ETF from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Coinbase Revenue Surge

Another notable prediction centers around Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange. Rasmussen forecasts a doubling of Coinbase's revenue, exceeding Wall Street projections by at least tenfold. This optimistic outlook is rooted in historical trends, with Coinbase experiencing increased trading volumes during bullish market phases.

In the broader context, Coinbase emerges as a key player positioned for substantial growth in the 2024 bull market. Bitwise predicts a significant 100% increase in Coinbase's revenue next year, surpassing Wall Street expectations by a considerable margin.

Stablecoins Surpassing Visa

Bitwise's projections extend beyond Bitcoin and exchanges to stablecoins. Rasmussen envisions stablecoins collectively facilitating more financial transactions than Visa, the payments giant, in 2024. Stablecoins, considered a standout application in the crypto space, have experienced substantial growth, reaching a market cap of $137 billion over the past four years. The expectation for 2024 is that stablecoins will continue gaining prominence, potentially outpacing traditional payment methods like Visa.

Industry Consensus on Stablecoin Growth

Bitwise's optimism regarding stablecoins aligns with broader industry sentiment. Voices in the sector, including Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, foresee a surge in demand for stablecoins in the coming years. Allaire highlights the increasing appetite for digital dollars on the internet, emphasizing distinct demand beyond those seeking currency or store-of-value hedges.

As these predictions unfold, they offer insights into the potential trajectory of the cryptocurrency market, hinting at exciting developments and opportunities on the horizon.

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