XDC 2.0 Upgrade Set to Revolutionize XDC Network with Cutting-Edge Features


In an exciting development, the XDC Network is gearing up for a major upgrade with the impending arrival of XDC 2.0 on the Apothem Network's XDC Test Network. The upgrade is scheduled to take place on block number 56828700, precisely on November 13, 2023. You can keep track of the countdown on the official website here.

Introducing XDPoS 2.0: Decentralized Consensus at its Finest

The highlight of XDC 2.0 is the introduction of XDPoS 2.0, representing the future of decentralized consensus on the XDC Network. This next-generation engine is built on the cutting-edge Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus protocol, promising military-grade security and exceptional performance, all while maintaining ultra resource-efficiency. An additional advantage is its full backward compatibility with existing APIs, ensuring a seamless transition to this advanced consensus mechanism. For those eager to delve deeper into the technical aspects, the research paper can be found here.

Revolutionizing Gas Fee Management

Gas fees are a critical aspect of blockchain operations, significantly influencing the efficiency of transactions and network functionality. With the upcoming Apothem upgrade of XDC 2.0, significant adjustments to gas fees are on the horizon. The goal is to optimize these fees, benefiting both users and developers and elevating the network's overall performance. Detailed information regarding this gas fee optimization can be found here.

A Call to Action for Apothem Node Owners

A crucial aspect of this upgrade involves node owners running nodes on the Apothem Network. Node owners are urged to take swift action to ensure their nodes are aligned with the latest improvements. The process involves using the command "git pull && ./docker-up.sh" to facilitate a seamless transition. Your proactive engagement is pivotal in the journey towards establishing a more efficient, sustainable, and user-centric network.

Share Your Questions and Feedback

For those with inquiries or valuable feedback, the developer's forum provides an ideal platform to engage with the XDC community. You can visit the forum at http://XDC.Dev.

This significant upgrade, referred to as XDC 2.0, promises to usher in a new era for the XDC Network, with enhanced consensus mechanisms and optimized gas fees, all designed to enhance the overall user experience. Stay tuned for the exciting changes set to arrive on November 13, 2023.


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