RocketX: Elevate Your Crypto Experience with Optimal Rates, Security, and RVF Token Rewards!


RocketX is a revolutionary platform that seamlessly combines the features of both a centralized exchange (CEX) and decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator. Operating as a comprehensive search engine for users seeking optimal prices on crypto swaps and trades, RocketX empowers users to choose their preferred trading platform based on factors like processing time, security, slippage, and protection from MEV.

Key Benefits of Using RocketX:

Best Rates

RocketX aggregates leading CEXs and DEXs to ensure users get the best rates for their transactions.


The platform supports interoperability between 100+ blockchains, with plans to expand to 200+ soon.

Self Custody

Users can trade on top CEXs directly from their wallets like Metamask, ensuring full control over their digital assets.

One-Stop Crypto Shop

RocketX provides easy access to global liquidity from 450+ CEXs and DEXs via a single user interface.

Cross-Chain Bridge

Facilitates the exchange of 20,000+ tokens across leading networks, allowing users to swap any token on any network seamlessly.

DEX Aggregation

RocketX compares CEX and DEX exchange outcomes for the best prices and fastest processing, enabling users to select their preferred exchange.

Low Platform Fees

Users benefit from minimal fees compared to market standards.

RocketX Pool

RocketX Pool combines liquidity from major CEXs, ensuring users receive the best rates for every swap, both on-chain and cross-chain.

Determining the Best Exchange

RocketX calculates the best exchange based on the highest dollar value for the user, accounting for the expected gas fee.

Security Measures

RocketX prioritizes security, having undergone multiple audits by Zokyo and Network Intelligence. As a decentralized non-custodial platform, users maintain full control over their wallets and confirm each transaction via their wallets.

RVF Token

Launched on April 13, 2021, the RVF token offers users various benefits, including up to a 100% discount on platform fees, shopping perks from partner CryptoCart, and a 25% discount on fees with early access to features for holding over 2,000 RVF tokens.

Where to Buy RVF

RVF tokens can be purchased directly via the RocketX app.

Bridging RVF Token

Users can move RVF between Polygon and ETH networks using the Polygon native bridge and between Ethereum and BNB Chains using the Ferrum bridge.

For more details and benefits of holding RVF tokens, Click Here

RocketX is committed to providing a user-friendly experience, optimal rates, and advanced features, making it a versatile and secure choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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