Fidelity Takes Another Step in Crypto Evolution: Files for Spot Ethereum ETF Following Bitcoin ETF Application


Fidelity, a prominent asset management giant, has formally submitted an application for a spot Ethereum Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), mirroring its prior application for a spot Bitcoin ETF. In its filing, Fidelity underscores the potential significance of approving a Spot ETH ETP (Exchange-Traded Product), emphasizing that such approval would represent a major triumph for safeguarding U.S. investors navigating the crypto asset space.

The filing contends that investors currently face considerable risks in the absence of these products, prompting them to explore alternative and riskier avenues for gaining exposure to the crypto market. Notably, the filing makes reference to a recent Grayscale court ruling, where the court criticized the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for failing to provide a coherent rationale for rejecting spot crypto ETFs while simultaneously permitting futures-based products.

This move by Fidelity follows its filing for a spot Bitcoin ETF in June of this year, entering the competition shortly after a similar move by BlackRock. The financial industry has been closely monitoring these developments, recognizing the potential implications for the broader cryptocurrency market and the regulatory landscape governing crypto investment products.

As the regulatory environment evolves, market participants are keenly anticipating the SEC's response to Fidelity's applications, recognizing the potential establishment of ETFs as a more accessible and regulated means for traditional investors to engage with cryptocurrencies. This latest filing by Fidelity is seen as part of the ongoing efforts by financial institutions to expand the range of crypto investment products available to institutional and retail investors in a regulated and compliant manner.

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