Chirp's Xperience Quest: Unleash the Future of Wireless and Earn $CHIRP Tokens


Chirp, a groundbreaking DePIN network founded by a team of highly experienced Telecommunications professionals with decades of expertise, is on a mission to unite all wireless connectivity protocols through an innovative network and platform. Focusing on IoT, genuine Mobile 5G, and Broadband Internet, Chirp seeks to redefine the landscape of wireless communication in the future.

At the core of their network are the Chirp Guardians, enthusiastic participants playing a pivotal role in extending network coverage. These dedicated individuals host and install long-range antennas (miners), contributing to a seamless connectivity experience for all users. Guardians receive rewards in the form of Chirp's native token, $CHIRP, creating a truly collaborative and rewarding endeavor.

Chirp has set aside 1,000,000 CHIRP tokens for airdrop campaigns. In this particular campaign, Chirp plans to airdrop 400,000 CHIRP tokens to users who complete straightforward Zealy quests. By accomplishing these quests on Zealy, participants can earn XPs, and their share from the total pool will be based on the XPs they accumulate.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Visit the Chirp airdrop page.

2. Connect your wallet.

3. Complete simple quests to earn XPs.

4. Ensure to submit your SUI wallet to the Zealy page.

5. A total of 400,000 CHIRP tokens will be distributed equally, depending on the number of XPs you earn.

6. For more details on the airdrop, refer to this informative Medium article.


Ticker: CHIRP
Twitter: @Chirpdewi
Telegram Group: @ChirpIoT

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