A Comprehensive Guide to Crypto Wallet Trackers


Whether you're a crypto enthusiast tracking whales or managing your holdings across different blockchains, finding the ideal crypto wallet tracker is a never-ending quest. This article explores various leading crypto wallet trackers, examining their key features and providing an in-depth analysis of their pros and cons to aid you in making informed decisions.


Etherscan is an iconic name in the world of wallet trackers, offering invaluable insights into blockchain data. Launched in 2015, Etherscan serves as a trusted source for on-chain data. It provides a comprehensive view of wallet holdings, displaying all tokens held, including those acquired through airdrops. Users can effortlessly calculate the total value of a wallet's assets. Etherscan also offers a historical transaction view, facilitating the analysis of past wallet activities. Notably, it allows users to download transactions in CSV format for further data analysis.

source: Etherscan.io

Etherscan's prowess as a block explorer is unmatched. However, for those seeking dedicated wallet tracking, the next tools cater specifically to this purpose.


Debank stands as a prominent player in the realm of crypto wallet tracking. It offers extensive coverage across almost every Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chain. Users can swiftly grasp the distribution of assets across various chains and protocols through the Debank interface. Debank consistently adds support for new chains and protocols to ensure accurate reflection of wallet assets. Users can also follow specific wallets to monitor their transactions and gauge the influence of prominent whales. 

Debank's "Whales" section highlights wallets of interest, and users can create customizable bundles for tracking multiple wallets on the same page.


Nansen is a go-to platform for on-chain analytics, and its wallet tracker, Nansen Portfolio, offers detailed insights into wallet holdings. Users can analyze the composition of wallet assets by token, chain, and protocol. The platform also provides performance data to assess traders' effectiveness. 

Nansen offers a plethora of on-chain analytics features, supporting multiple chains, including Solana. Nansen's "Smart Money" dashboard identifies wallets categorized as "Smart Money" due to their profitable and well-connected trading history, serving as a valuable resource for market insights.

Arkham Intelligence

Arkham Intelligence, though relatively new, has garnered attention for its wallet tracking and on-chain analytics. The platform's wallet visualizer creates connections between tracked wallets and associated wallets or contracts, offering an overview of wallet activities. Users can set up alerts for real-time notifications of tracked wallet transactions. 

Arkham has its own labeling system to track prominent entities such as exchanges, institutions, funds, traders, whales, and influencers.


DexCheck is another newcomer in the wallet tracking space, offering a range of mostly free features. 

The wallet analyzer tracks token buys and sells across supported chains and computes profit and loss over specific time periods. DexCheck also features a crypto whale trade tracker, monitoring large transactions. A similar function tracks significant NFT trades. The platform lists top DEX traders, categorizing them by token and profit status. DexCheck has an ambitious roadmap, with plans to support more chains, integrate AI for trend identification, arbitrage opportunities, and introduce a copy-trading function.

In your pursuit of the perfect crypto wallet tracker, these platforms provide a diverse set of tools and insights to cater to your specific needs.

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