Solana Partners with Dubai's Largest Free-Trade Zone to Fuel Web3 Adoption


The Solana Foundation, the nonprofit organization backing the Solana layer-1 blockchain, has teamed up with Dubai's renowned Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the largest free trade zone in the UAE. This collaboration is set to boost the Web3 ecosystem in Dubai, offering both technical and business support to the DMCC's thriving crypto community.

1. Solana's Strategic Move to DMCC 

Solana's integration with the DMCC Crypto Centre, hosting a rapidly-growing community of over 550 crypto firms, marks a significant step towards fostering Web3 adoption. The collaboration enables Solana to offer invaluable technical and business development support to Dubai's crypto community, further enhancing the region's crypto and blockchain landscape.

2. Empowering DMCC Members 

By joining forces with Solana, DMCC members will gain access to one of the most prominent blockchains in the crypto space. Solana's current market capitalization of over $9.4 billion cements its status among the top 10 global crypto projects. This integration opens doors for DMCC members to develop and scale their projects, harnessing the potential of Solana's cutting-edge blockchain technology.

3. Supportive Environment and Free Zone Benefits

In alignment with their core philosophy, DMCC will provide complimentary setup and business licensing for Solana ecosystem projects. The DMCC Crypto Centre's commitment to fostering a supportive environment is instrumental in cultivating a dynamic and value-driven Web3 ecosystem. This initiative positions the DMCC as the go-to hub for crypto, blockchain, and Web3 businesses across the MENA region.

4. Education and Knowledge Sharing 

Solana's partnership with DMCC goes beyond infrastructure support. It extends to knowledge sharing through webinars and educational training sessions on various Web3 topics. This commitment to education underlines the importance of empowering the community and equipping them with the tools and insights necessary for success in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

5. A Thriving Ecosystem 

DMCC's Crypto Centre already boasts partnerships with notable names such as Bybit, Hacken, Brinc, and many others. These member companies are at the forefront of developing Web3 and blockchain technologies, providing a comprehensive suite of value-added services for crypto businesses and entrepreneurs.

6. Solana's Rising Prominence 

Solana's recent performance has garnered considerable attention, with a substantial inflow of approximately $24 million, marking the largest influx since March 2022, according to a Coinshares report. This surge in interest demonstrates the growing importance of Solana in the global crypto landscape.


The collaboration between Solana and the DMCC Crypto Centre represents a pivotal moment in Dubai's journey towards becoming a Web3 and blockchain hub. With Solana's support, DMCC members are poised to embark on an exciting journey, harnessing the potential of one of the leading blockchain platforms while benefiting from a supportive business environment. This partnership reflects the ever-expanding reach and influence of Web3 technologies in the global economic landscape.

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