Binance Pauses New User Registrations in the UK to Meet Regulatory Requirements


In a move to align with the regulations set forth by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) concerning the promotion of cryptoasset businesses in the United Kingdom, Binance has decided to stop accepting new users in the UK. The decision, prompted by the challenges surrounding advertising compliance, reflects the evolving regulatory landscape for crypto exchanges.

1. Compliance with Regulatory Standards 

Binance had previously undertaken efforts to ensure compliance with FCA standards by forming a partnership with (REBS). However, the recent inability of REBS to approve financial promotions has led to what Binance refers to as "temporary restrictions" for the platform.

2. A Year of Regulatory Adjustments 

The year 2023 has witnessed significant changes in the regulatory framework governing the digital asset sector. Following events such as the FTX collapse, many countries have reevaluated their regulatory standards in response to the evolving crypto landscape. Binance's decision to halt new user registrations in the UK is part of a broader trend of adjustments within the industry.

3. Implications for New and Existing Users 

Starting from October 16, 2023, Binance will no longer accept new users from the UK. Existing UK users, however, will continue to have access to the platform's current services. It's important to note that they will not have access to new products and services. Existing users must complete an "Investor Declaration and Appropriateness Test" as part of ongoing compliance efforts in the region.

4. An Uncertain Timeline for Change 

The timeline for when Binance will onboard a new FCA authorized approver and have its financial promotions reapproved remains uncertain. The company is committed to resolving the regulatory uncertainties surrounding its operations in the UK. The decision to pause new user registrations reflects the exchange's dedication to maintaining compliance in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.


Binance's move to temporarily suspend new user registrations in the UK is a response to the changing regulatory landscape in the crypto industry. While existing users will retain access to current services, they will not have access to new offerings until the exchange's compliance efforts are completed. Binance's commitment to meeting regulatory requirements highlights the importance of adapting to evolving standards in the crypto space.

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