Omni: Pioneering the Next-Generation Blockchain with Exciting Testnet Opportunities


Omni, the groundbreaking layer 1 blockchain designed to seamlessly connect all rollups, is at the forefront of blockchain innovation. This innovative platform empowers developers to create global applications accessible across all rollups, setting new standards for security and functionality.

Omni has made significant strides in its journey, having secured $18 million in funding from prominent investors such as Pantera Capital and Jump Crypto. The platform has successfully launched its highly anticipated testnet, marking a significant milestone in its development. As part of its exciting developments, Omni is gearing up to introduce its native token, "OMNI," to the crypto community.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can get involved:

Visit the Omni testnet missions page: Explore the dedicated Omni testnet missions page to discover the exciting opportunities that await you.

Connect your wallet: Seamlessly connect your cryptocurrency wallet to access Omni's testnet missions.

Switch to OMNI testnet: Click on "Switch network" to transition to the OMNI testnet, where you can engage with the platform's cutting-edge features.

Claim testnet OMNI tokens: Visit the faucet page to claim your testnet OMNI tokens. Make sure to secure at least one OAT from Galxe to be eligible for testnet token claims.

Complete missions: Return to the missions page and embark on a journey of completing various missions. Each successful mission earns you valuable XPs.

It's essential to note that Omni has plans to launch its native token, "OMNI," following the mainnet release. Early adopters who actively participate in the testnet missions may have the opportunity to receive an airdrop of OMNI tokens when they go live. While an airdrop isn't guaranteed, it's an exciting possibility worth exploring.

Stay tuned for more updates, and don't miss out on potential opportunities like these airdrops from other promising projects in the DeFi space. Keep an eye on our list of projects that may offer governance tokens to early supporters in the future.

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