XRADERS Genesis Airdrop: Unveiling a New Era of Token Governance


Coinmagzine is delighted to bring you the exciting news of XRADERS' Genesis Airdrop Event, an inaugural celebration for the governance token, $XR, paving the way for a dynamic future within the XRADERS ecosystem.

Genesis Airdrop Unveiled: A Tokenized Journey Begins

Embarking on this thrilling journey, XRADERS introduces the Genesis Airdrop event, a unique opportunity for participants to become integral contributors to the ecosystem's growth.

Genesis Points Metric: Calculating Your Contribution

At the heart of the Genesis Airdrop is the 'Genesis Points' metric, measuring user contributions within the Coinlive app from their sign-up date until March 31, 2024. Users earn Genesis Points through engaging in various activities, setting the stage for a fair and inclusive distribution.

Earning Genesis Points: A Playful Venture

UpDown Game (10p): Users predict $BTC price movements and earn 10 points for each submitted prediction, with an additional 30 points for achieving a winning position.

Friend Invitations (300p): Socialize and earn! Invite friends, have them input your code, complete Telegram verification, and submit UpDown predictions to earn valuable points.

CLX Consumption (3p/1CLX): Every spent CLX earns users 3 points, encouraging active participation and involvement.

Your Genesis Airdrop Status: Unlocking Token Rewards

Participants will be rewarded with $XR tokens in proportion to their share of the total Genesis Points pool. The detailed airdrop quantity will be unveiled in a forthcoming announcement.

Stay tuned for an imminent update (to be announced via X), where participants can assess their ranking and total Genesis Airdrop points on the 'Rewards' menu within the Coinlive app.

Important Notes:

  • $XR tokens remain non-exchangeable or tradable until the initial listing on an exchange.
  • Genuine participation is encouraged, as points acquired through fraudulent means may result in immediate revocation.

Seize the Opportunity: Become a Pioneer in $XR Tokenomics!

Do not miss your chance to be among the first recipients of $XR tokens! Keep an eye out for further updates as XRADERS unfolds, and get ready for an exhilarating journey within this burgeoning ecosystem.

Join the XRADERS Genesis Airdrop via Coinmagzine's Exclusive Link. Be part of the tokenized revolution and earn $XR while contributing to the growth of the XRADERS ecosystem. Seize the opportunity now!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Participants are advised to stay updated with official announcements and guidelines from XRADERS.

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