Uncover the Potential: 13 Promising $AVAX Ecosystem Airdrops and Strategies


The Avalanche ($AVAX) ecosystem has been ablaze with a staggering 300% growth in just two months. While many projects within the ecosystem are yet to launch their tokens, there's a strategic move to leverage massive airdrops for attracting Total Value Locked (TVL), similar to Solana's successful approach. In this mega-thread, we explore 13 potential projects and their airdrop strategies to help you jump in early.

Hubble Exchange 

Hubble Exchange, a Layer 1 for a Perps OrderBook DEX, recently launched. To participate in their airdrop strategy, secure an invite code from their Twitter comments or Discord, trade actively to achieve high volume, and consider depositing into the Insurance Fund.


CavalRe focuses on automated market-making and liquidity provision within the Avalanche ecosystem. Currently in beta-test, there's an opportunity to be recognized as an early contributor for providing liquidity.

Trader Joe

As the largest DEX on Avalanche, Trader Joe is expanding into the Mantle Ecosystem and announcing guaranteed airdrops for token holders. Hold JOE to become eligible for 7.5% of the total MOE supply.

Struct Finance

Struct Finance specializes in structured fixed yields. To participate in their airdrop strategy, visit their website, select a Vault, and provide liquidity to get involved.

Delta Prime Defi 

Delta Prime is a digital asset management platform focusing on quantitative and algorithmic trading. Participate in their airdrop by depositing funds, trading with Zaps, providing liquidity, and starting farming.

Rumble Arcade 

Rumble Arcade is a blockchain-based gaming platform offering rewards to players. Engage in the games for potential future rewards.

Hyperspace NFT Marketplace

Hyperspace is now in its second season of the AVAX airdrop. Trade NFTs to earn points and maximize your potential rewards.


LevrBet is an online betting platform integrating blockchain technology. Sign up for the upcoming BETA to lock in your LEVR airdrop.

Avvy Domains

Avvy Domains is a blockchain-based domain name service on Avalanche. Register a domain through their platform to participate in their airdrop.

Gunzilla Games

Gunzilla Games is a game development company creating AAA titles. Download the GUNZ wallet, play GUN by GUNZ, and earn potential airdrops and other future rewards.


GoGoPool is a staking platform on Avalanche. Become a validator and stake your assets via Liquid Staking to potentially receive airdrops.

Spellborne Game

Monstudios, a creative agency, offers innovative design solutions. Participate in their airdrop strategy by buying apartment NFTs.

Steakhut Finance

Steakhut innovates in liquidity management with its Liquidity V2. Head over to their platform, provide liquidity, and potentially receive enhanced rewards using STEAK.


The Avalanche ecosystem is ripe with opportunities for early adopters. By strategically engaging with these projects and following their airdrop strategies, crypto enthusiasts can capitalize on the growth potential within the AVAX ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates as these projects continue to evolve and innovate.

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