Solana's Saga Phone Sells Out in the US Amidst Bonk Token Price Rally


Solana's Saga phone has achieved a swift sellout in the U.S., accompanied by a limitation of new orders to one per household, leaving only a handful available in Europe. The unexpected surge in demand for the phones is primarily attributed to the associated allocation of bonk tokens, rather than the phone itself. The director of research at The Block, Steven Zheng, humorously remarked on social media, "They’re gonna buy out the Solana phone because the allocation will soon be worth more than the phone." This refers to the 30 million bonk tokens included with each Solana phone purchase.

The bonk token experienced a significant price surge in the past 24 hours, rising from $0.000014 to a peak of $0.000033, marking a 135% increase. This parabolic movement contributed to a 600% surge in the token's value since the beginning of December. Originally, the bonk tokens that accompanied the Solana phone were of minimal value. However, with the recent surge, the 30 million tokens reached a value of $990 at their peak, exceeding the phone's price of $599.

Despite the potential gains, this strategy carries inherent risks. Recipients must await the physical delivery of the phones to access and sell their tokens. If the bonk token's price experiences a decline from its current level, recipients may find themselves at a loss, excluding the phone's intrinsic value.


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