FIFA Unveils Limited Edition NFTs with Exclusive World Cup Final Tickets


In an innovative move, FIFA, the global authority on football, is set to release a limited number of digital collectibles that carry an extraordinary prize – the chance to attend the 2026 FIFA World Cup final. This announcement comes as FIFA shifts its NFT collectibles to the Polygon blockchain, a notable move in the world of digital assets.

Exclusive Opportunity for Collectors

FIFA's digital collectibles, minted originally on Algorand, are now making their mark on the Polygon network. The first wave of this exclusive collection will feature 100 digital collectibles, with their holders gaining the unique opportunity to secure tickets for the grand finale of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. An additional 900 digital collectibles will be released on the Polygon network, accessible through the OpenSea platform.

The Polygon Advantage

Opting for the Polygon blockchain underscores FIFA's commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the digital realm. Polygon, renowned for its presence in web3 gaming projects, aligns seamlessly with FIFA's vision for the future of digital collectibles.

Evolution of FIFA+ Collect

FIFA+ Collect, launched last year, initially aimed to offer football enthusiasts worldwide the chance to own affordable and distinctive digital collectibles. The shift to NFTs coincides with the upcoming FIFA Club World Cup 2023 in Saudi Arabia, set to kick off imminently.

Strategic Management by Modex

In another strategic move, FIFA has enlisted Modex for the "strategic management" of its digital collectible platform. Already responsible for multiple football-themed collections, Modex brings expertise and innovation to enhance the fan experience. Francesco Abbate, CEO of Modex, expressed the company's honor in supporting FIFA's goal of broadening fan interaction through digital collectibles.

Sports and Blockchain Integration

The marriage of professional sports and blockchain technology continues to gain momentum. Companies in the blockchain and crypto space recognize the potential of using sports as a channel to engage consumers. Examples include crypto exchange OKX's sponsorship deal with Manchester City and Sorare, a French fantasy sports gaming company, partnering with the English Premier League.


As FIFA embraces the world of NFTs, offering a unique blend of digital collectibles and exclusive experiences, the landscape of fan engagement in sports takes another innovative leap. The intersection of sports and blockchain technology opens up new avenues for connection, interaction, and fan participation, ensuring that the world of football remains at the forefront of the digital revolution.


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