Avalanche Users Drive $13.8 Million in Inscription-Related Fees: A Deep Dive


Over the last five days, Avalanche users have generated substantial transaction fees totaling $13.8 million, sparking intrigue in the blockchain community. The surge in activity is primarily attributed to the creation and movement of tokens and NFTs associated with inscriptions, showcasing the growing popularity of this unconventional token creation method.

Understanding Inscription-Based Tokens: 

Inscription-based tokens involve the generation of tokens by incorporating text into standard blockchain transactions. This method, originally devised as a workaround for blockchains lacking native token support, has gained traction beyond its initial applications on Bitcoin.

Comparative Insights: 

While other blockchains, such as Polygon and BNB Chain, have witnessed millions of inscription-based tokens with associated fees in the million-dollar range, Avalanche stands out with a recent spike in transaction fees, peaking at $5.6 million per day. This surge in costs can be linked to heightened demand for block space.

Avalanche's Remarkable Journey: 

Avalanche has encountered two distinct periods of heightened interest in inscriptions. The first wave, observed in late November, generated transaction fees totaling approximately $1.5 million. However, the more recent period has seen significantly higher fees, indicating sustained enthusiasm.

Validator Dynamics: 

It's essential to note that despite the surge in transaction fees, validators on the Avalanche network do not directly benefit from these fees; instead, they are burned. This unique aspect sets Avalanche apart from some other blockchain networks.

Global Impact on Blockchains: 

The trend of inscription-related activities extends beyond Avalanche, with other blockchains like Arbitrum also experiencing increased transaction fees. Over the past three days, users spent around $3 million on inscription-related fees on Arbitrum.

Addressing the Surge: 

The surge in inscription-related activities is not merely quantitative; it extends to the number of addresses involved. On recent high-activity days, approximately 180,000 addresses participated, a notable increase from the previous average of around 50,000.

Unraveling the Mystery: 

While the exact reasons behind the sudden surge in inscription popularity remain unclear, it undoubtedly reflects a dynamic shift in user behavior and preferences within the blockchain space.

Benefiting Miners and Validators: 

Despite the potential risks and uncertainties associated with increased network activity, miners and validators are likely benefiting from the surge in inscription-related transactions. However, this assumes their capacity to handle the elevated load without compromising network integrity.


As the blockchain community closely monitors this trend, the intriguing rise of inscription-related activities poses exciting opportunities and challenges for both users and network validators. The evolving landscape of unconventional token creation methods adds a layer of dynamism to the broader blockchain narrative.


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