Cosmos Governance Approves Reduction of Atom Inflation Rate to 10%


The governance body of Cosmos Hub, which oversees the native token Atom (ATOM+), has successfully passed a proposal to decrease the maximum inflation rate of Atom from approximately 14% to 10%. This decision impacts Atom's annualized staking yield, reducing it from around 19% to about 13.4%, as outlined in the proposal.


Cosmos Hub serves as the central blockchain within the Cosmos network, an ecosystem comprising interconnected blockchains. Atom, the native token of Cosmos Hub, plays a pivotal role in staking, governance, and transaction fee mechanisms.

Approval and Impact:

The approved proposal encountered a close vote, with 41.1% in favor and 38.5% against. This marked the highest-ever turnout vote in the Cosmos ecosystem. Initially projected to fail shortly before the deadline, a last-minute surge in votes, coupled with some reversals from validators, tipped the outcome narrowly in favor.

Reasoning Behind the Proposal: 

The proposal argued that Atom's comparatively high inflation rate, in relation to its peers, resulted in an excess payment by the Hub for security. It further contended that validators could still maintain profitability or break even under a 10% inflation rate.

Notable Votes: 

Zero Knowledge Validator, casting the largest vote in favor, justified its support by stating on X, "Double-digit inflation is not necessary for security, weakens Atom price long term, and disincentivizes use of ATOM in DeFi and elsewhere in the Atom Economic Zone."
The most significant vote against the proposal came from validator AllNodes, which criticized the change as " abrupt, short-sighted, and ill-researched idea that might wreak havoc on retail and businesses engaged in building, trading, and validating Atom."


The decision to cap Atom's inflation rate reflects a nuanced governance process within Cosmos, addressing concerns related to security, profitability, and the broader ecosystem's health.


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