UK Unveils Comprehensive Framework for Crypto Asset Regulation


The UK Treasury has revealed its final proposals for the regulation of crypto asset activities, marking a significant move in the government's approach to the digital asset space.

Crypto Asset Regulation: A Game Changer for the UK

In response to the UK Treasury's consultation on crypto asset regulation, the government has presented its comprehensive plans, influenced by industry feedback and notable market events, including the FTX exchange's issues.

Broadening the Regulatory Perimeter

The UK government's intent is to encompass various crypto asset activities within the financial services regulatory framework, a first for the nation. The report specifies that companies directly dealing with UK retail consumers will need authorization, regardless of their location.

Empowering the Financial Conduct Authority

Under the proposed framework, firms involved in crypto asset activities will require authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority. For crypto exchanges, this will involve creating admission standards and introducing disclosure requirements for new asset listings.

DeFi Left Unregulated

The final proposals notably exclude regulations for decentralized finance (DeFi). The government acknowledges that it is too early for the UK to regulate DeFi and instead plans to engage in international efforts to develop a future regulatory framework.

Incorporating Existing Market Laws

Rather than establishing an entirely new regulatory regime, the rules outlined in the final proposals will be integrated into the existing UK market law. This approach aims to adapt traditional financial custodian frameworks for crypto asset service providers.

Fostering Innovation and Mitigating Risks

The UK Treasury emphasizes its ambition to position the country as a leader in crypto asset technology and innovation. The final proposals aim to provide a conducive environment for crypto asset service providers while addressing potential consumer and stability concerns.

The release of these final proposals signifies the UK's active involvement in shaping the regulatory landscape for the growing crypto industry.

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