UBS Asset Management Launches Tokenized Money Market Fund Pilot on Ethereum


UBS Asset Management, one of the world's leading fund houses, has embarked on a groundbreaking journey by launching its inaugural "live pilot" of a tokenized money market fund. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, this initiative represents a significant stride in understanding and harnessing the potential of tokenization in the world of finance. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this groundbreaking endeavor and explore its implications for the financial landscape.

The Genesis: UBS Tokenize

At the heart of this pioneering pilot is UBS Tokenize, an in-house tokenization service developed by UBS Asset Management. The platform enables UBS to explore a range of fund activities conducted on-chain, including subscriptions and redemptions. By embracing this technology, UBS seeks to enhance market liquidity and access for its clients while delving into uncharted territory.

A Milestone in Financial Evolution

Thomas Kaegi, Head of UBS Asset Management in Singapore and Southeast Asia, rightly identifies this initiative as a significant milestone in the journey of tokenizing funds. UBS's expertise in tokenizing bonds and structured products has set the stage for this bold exploration. Kaegi emphasizes the collaborative nature of this initiative, with UBS actively engaging with traditional financial institutions and fintech providers to drive innovation.

UBS's Blockchain Pioneering

UBS Asset Management is no stranger to pioneering blockchain technology. In November 2022, it unveiled the world's first digital bond, traded and settled on both blockchain-based and traditional exchanges. The firm continued to push boundaries with a $50 million tokenized fixed-rate note in December 2022, followed by originating 200 million yuan of fully digital structured notes for a third-party issuer in June 2023.

Project Guardian: A Collaborative Venture

The tokenized money market fund pilot is part of Project Guardian, a collaborative industry initiative spearheaded by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Structured as a variable capital company (VCC), this fund represents a novel legal entity form for investment funds in Singapore. After the successful initiation of the first pilot transactions, UBS Asset Management plans to execute additional live-pilot use cases under Project Guardian, working alongside a broader range of partners and exploring various investment strategies.

The Potential of Tokenization

Tokenization, at its core, facilitates the migration of off-chain or real-world assets onto the blockchain. This process opens up new avenues for tracking, trading, programming, and managing these assets. As highlighted in The Block Research's recent report, tokenization has the potential to reshape the digital asset landscape and influence the global financial system profoundly.


UBS Asset Management's foray into tokenized money market funds on the Ethereum blockchain marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of financial markets. With UBS Tokenize at the helm and Project Guardian steering the way, this initiative has the potential to redefine how investments are conducted and accessed. As tokenization continues to gain traction, it remains an intriguing space to watch for both financial enthusiasts and industry players alike.

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