Potential for $14.4 Billion Inflows in First Year for Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Galaxy Digital Reports


Game-Changing Inflows for Spot Bitcoin ETFs

A research report from Galaxy Digital highlights the significant potential of spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in generating at least $14.4 billion in inflows during their first year. These findings are significant when compared to existing investment options like trusts and futures, which collectively hold over $21 billion in value. The report also suggests the possibility of inflows reaching $27 billion in the second year and $39 billion in the third.

A Vast Market for Bitcoin ETFs

Galaxy Digital's research emphasizes the substantial market that the US wealth management business presents for Bitcoin ETFs, boasting a total asset value of $48.3 trillion. The demand for such products is evident, with the mere anticipation and news of ETF launches having historically driven considerable increases in Bitcoin prices. This data indicates that the introduction of spot ETFs could potentially cause a remarkable 74% surge in Bitcoin prices within the first year, thanks to the liquidity and price impact of significant investments.

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