BIS and Eurosystem Launch 'Project Atlas' to Monitor and Collect DeFi Data


The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), in collaboration with central banks within the Eurosystem, has unveiled 'Project Atlas.' This proof of concept initiative aims to explore the economic implications of cryptocurrency assets and decentralized finance (DeFi). In this article, we'll delve into the significance of 'Project Atlas' and how it seeks to streamline data collection from various crypto exchanges and public blockchains, offering valuable insights into this rapidly evolving industry.

Streamlining Data Collection

'Project Atlas' is a collaborative effort involving the BIS Innovation Hub Eurosystem Centre, De Nederlandsche Bank, and the Deutsche Bundesbank. Its primary goal is to simplify the process of gathering data from a wide array of crypto exchanges and public blockchains. This includes collecting both on-chain and off-chain data, standardizing data collection methods, and evaluating these findings within the context of macroeconomic analysis.

Addressing Data Challenges

One of the critical challenges in the cryptocurrency industry is the fragmented and decentralized nature of data. Crypto-related data is scattered across various protocols, market participants, and jurisdictions, often lacking standardized reporting practices. 'Project Atlas' aims to tackle this issue by developing improved data collection methodologies and platforms.

Focusing on Cross-Border Capital Flows

A key aspect of 'Project Atlas' involves analyzing transactions between crypto exchanges on the Bitcoin network and their geographical locations. This serves as a proxy for understanding cross-border capital flows within the crypto space. By studying these flows, the project aims to shed light on the economic impact of cryptocurrencies and DeFi.

A Broader Trend in Crypto Regulation

The BIS's 'Project Atlas' is part of a larger trend among central banks and financial institutions. They are increasingly seeking to comprehend and regulate the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency and DeFi sector. This effort aligns with the ongoing discussions in the crypto community about the potential and challenges of DeFi.


'Project Atlas' is a significant step forward in the ongoing efforts of global financial institutions to gain a deeper understanding of the cryptocurrency industry. As the world of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) continues to evolve, initiatives like this are essential for regulators and policymakers to navigate the complexities of crypto and DeFi. 'Project Atlas' underscores the importance of data standardization and analysis in shaping the future of finance and economics in a crypto-driven world.

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