Valkyrie Investments Leads the Way with First Ethereum Futures ETF Approval


Valkyrie Investments, a Nashville-based asset manager, has achieved a significant milestone in the world of digital assets by becoming the first issuer to receive approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to offer an exchange-traded fund (ETF) featuring Ethereum futures. This development marks a pivotal moment in the broader acceptance and mainstreaming of cryptocurrencies in the United States.

Valkyrie's Journey in the Crypto Space

Valkyrie Investments is no stranger to the crypto world. The firm is renowned for its successful Bitcoin Mining ETF, which currently stands as the top-performing cryptocurrency-related ETF in the U.S. This track record of success has positioned Valkyrie as a trailblazer in the crypto ETF landscape.

Ethereum's Entry into the ETF Space 

Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain, has gained prominence in the world of digital assets. Valkyrie's approval to launch an Ethereum futures ETF opens the door for investors to speculate on the future price movements of this second-largest digital asset. As of the time of writing, Ethereum is valued at approximately $1,650 per token.

Expanding Retail Participation 

While investors have the option to purchase actual digital tokens from cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, the introduction of ETFs offers a more accessible avenue for retail participation. ETFs are traded on major exchanges such as the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange, making them more convenient for traditional investors. The SEC has allowed Bitcoin ETFs based on futures contracts since October 2021, and Ethereum ETFs represent the next step in expanding digital asset investment options.

Competitive Landscape 

Valkyrie is the pioneer among nine issuers seeking approval to launch Ethereum ETF products. Notable players in the crypto space, including VanEck, Grayscale Investments, and Bitwise, are among the contenders. Additionally, some Wall Street giants like BlackRock and Fidelity are exploring the possibility of launching a spot Bitcoin ETF, which would provide direct access to Bitcoin's spot price.

Spot ETF Challenges 

The SEC has been cautious about approving spot ETFs, which would significantly mainstream cryptocurrency investments. Spot ETFs would enable all investors, not just accredited ones, to purchase cryptocurrency through their brokerage accounts. This shift is something SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has been hesitant to embrace. While several spot ETF applications are under consideration, the SEC has delayed decisions on many, with more decisions expected in mid-October.

Valkyrie's Strategy 

Valkyrie's strategy involves converting its existing Bitcoin futures ETF into a combined fund that offers both Bitcoin and Ethereum futures. The renamed ETF, the "Valkyrie Bitcoin and Ether Strategy ETF," will commence the purchase of Ethereum futures and maintain its Nasdaq ticker BTF. The swift launch of Ethereum futures ETFs by the SEC is a proactive measure in anticipation of a possible government shutdown.

Government Shutdown Concerns

The impending threat of a government shutdown has accelerated the launch of Ethereum futures ETFs. The SEC is keen on ensuring that these investment options are available to investors, even in the event of reduced agency operations. A government shutdown, if it occurs, could lead to the furloughing of a significant portion of federal workers, affecting various sectors, including financial oversight.


Valkyrie Investments' approval to offer an Ethereum futures ETF is a significant step forward for the crypto industry's integration into traditional financial markets. As digital assets continue to grow in popularity and acceptance, the demand for diversified investment options like ETFs is expected to increase. Valkyrie's pioneering role in this space underscores the evolving landscape of digital asset investments, presenting new opportunities and challenges for both investors and regulators alike.

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