Standard Chartered's Zodia Custody Introduces Innovative Staking Service for Crypto Investors


In a groundbreaking move, Zodia Custody, the crypto subsidiary of Standard Chartered, has joined forces with OpenEden to unveil the "Zodia Custody Yield" service. This pioneering offering allows clients to generate income from their crypto assets by tokenizing real-world assets like treasury notes. It not only provides investors with a chance to earn returns but also harnesses the power of blockchain technology.

Zodia Custody's Foray into Staking

Empowering Institutional Investors Zodia Custody, backed by the reputable financial institution Standard Chartered, has set its sights on offering institutional investors the opportunity to unlock off-chain income potential for their on-chain assets, all while upholding the highest standards of security. At the heart of this initiative lies the concept of staking, where crypto holders lock up their tokens to help secure the blockchain and, in return, receive periodic payouts.

The allure of staking services has not gone unnoticed by European corporations, as they seek to tap into the burgeoning digital asset landscape. Zodia Custody, recognizing the growing interest in this sector, recently expanded its custody services to Singapore, further solidifying its position as a key player in the institutional crypto services arena.

Standard Chartered's Stamping of Approval

Elevating Crypto Custody Services Zodia Custody, under the aegis of Standard Chartered, specializes in providing institutional-grade custody services for digital assets, encompassing cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. The launch of the Zodia Custody Yield service signifies the company's commitment to broadening its service portfolio and attracting institutional investors to the digital asset sphere.

A Paradigm Shift in Earning Potential

Institutional Investors Take Center Stage The introduction of Zodia Custody Yield marks a pivotal moment in the digital asset landscape. It opens up new avenues for institutional investors to yield returns from their cryptocurrency holdings while maintaining the security and trustworthiness of custody services. This offering is poised to entice more institutional players into the crypto market, potentially fostering increased adoption of digital assets and propelling the industry to new heights.


Zodia Custody's collaboration with OpenEden and the launch of the Zodia Custody Yield service exemplify a significant step towards redefining how institutional investors interact with their crypto holdings. By offering an innovative staking service backed by the credibility of Standard Chartered, Zodia Custody has positioned itself at the forefront of the institutional crypto services sector. This move not only enriches the earning potential for crypto investors but also paves the way for a more diversified and robust digital asset ecosystem.

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