Mastering the Art of Tracking Smart Money in Cryptocurrency Trading


Cryptocurrency trading is notoriously complex due to the vast number of cryptocurrencies and their inherent volatility. To navigate this challenging landscape, many traders seek to follow the trail of "smart money," which refers to experienced traders or institutions with deep market insights and resources. Tracking smart money can provide a competitive edge in the market, but it requires careful analysis. Fortunately, several platforms offer tools to track and analyze smart money activity, allowing traders to make informed decisions in the crypto space.

Understanding Smart Money

"Smart money" comprises individuals or institutions considered to possess expert knowledge and proprietary tools for identifying market trends and opportunities. They often have access to information not readily available to average traders, potentially giving them an advantage in the cryptocurrency market, characterized by information asymmetry. Following smart money allows traders to benefit from their insights and expertise, although blindly copying their trades is generally not advisable.

Tools to Track Smart Money

Nansen - Track Labeled Smart Money Activity: Nansen is a well-known blockchain analytics platform that offers free tools to research projects, trends, and on-chain activity. Its "Smart Money" tracker allows users to monitor labeled wallets' on-chain activity, including DEX trades, transactions, and token holdings. Users can filter smart money addresses by specific types, such as smart DEX traders or NFT traders.

Dune Analytics + DeBank - Analyze On-Chain Data: Dune Analytics is a community-powered blockchain analytics platform where users can find various dashboards. The "Token God Mode" dashboard allows users to explore data about specific tokens, helping identify smart money trading those tokens. DeBank provides an overview of smart money traders' token holdings and recent trades.

CryptoRank - Check Funding Trends: CryptoRank offers a wide range of data and tools to uncover market trends. Its "Crypto Funds and Investors" feature allows users to browse the portfolios of VC funds, angel investors, and traders. Users can track recent projects and funding rounds, gaining insights into the market's direction. CryptoRank also provides charts showing month-on-month funding changes, popular investment categories, and prolific funds.

Arkham - Find Profitable Traders: Arkham, a newer on-chain analytics platform, offers flexibility and modularity. While it doesn't automatically identify smart money wallets, users can use its transaction filter to find active smart money traders. By refining the results based on recent large trades, users can spot potential smart wallets to follow. Arkham provides detailed data, including recent profit/loss charts, enabling traders to analyze smart money trading strategies.


Tracking smart money in the crypto space can provide valuable insights and help traders make informed decisions. These platforms offer tools to monitor smart money activity, but it's essential to conduct additional research and analysis before replicating trades. Careful consideration of the context and market conditions is crucial for success in cryptocurrency trading.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading involves risks, and individuals should conduct their research and consider their risk tolerance before participating in the market.

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