Google Cloud Joins LayerZero Network as Oracle Provider, Enhancing Cross-Chain Messaging


Google Cloud has taken on the role of an oracle provider within the LayerZero network, a cross-chain messaging protocol. This move by Google Cloud strengthens the network's capabilities for relaying messages across different blockchain chains and provides users with additional options for oracle services. This development signifies Google Cloud's ongoing involvement in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, focusing on interoperability.

Google Cloud's Role as an Oracle Provider

In LayerZero's architecture, an oracle acts as a verifier and messenger between different blockchain chains. It facilitates the transfer of data and messages from one chain to another while ensuring the integrity and accuracy of this information. Google Cloud's oracle system will be accessible to all LayerZero applications, expanding the choices available to users for oracle selection. Oracle providers are compensated for their services within the network.
Google Cloud's involvement as an oracle provider enhances the LayerZero network's resiliency and user options. Users can choose to rely on Google Cloud's oracle or opt for other providers, such as TSS and Chainlink, which have also been integrated into the LayerZero ecosystem. The presence of multiple oracle providers reduces reliance on any single entity, making the network more robust.

Google Cloud's Approach to Oracle Services

While Google Cloud serves as an oracle provider within LayerZero, it focuses on delivering secure infrastructure to the network. However, it does not conduct reviews of the network's software or smart contracts. This approach aligns with their role as validators on blockchain networks, where they ensure network integrity without delving into the specific functionalities of the applications.

LayerZero: A Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol

LayerZero is a cross-chain interoperability protocol designed to enable seamless communication and data transfer between different blockchains while maintaining security. It offers a solution for transferring data, assets, and information across blockchain networks, enhancing overall blockchain interoperability.
In April, LayerZero successfully raised $120 million in a Series B funding round, valuing the project at $3 billion. This funding reflects the growing interest and investment in interoperability solutions within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.


Google Cloud's participation as an oracle provider on the LayerZero network represents a significant step in advancing blockchain interoperability. It provides users with more choices for oracle services and contributes to the network's resilience. This collaboration underscores Google Cloud's commitment to supporting blockchain infrastructure and interoperability solutions in the evolving crypto landscape.

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