Farmville Co-Creator's Proof of Play Secures $33 Million for Web3 Game Development


Proof of Play, led by Farmville co-creator Amitt Mahajan, has successfully raised $33 million in funding to pioneer the development of Web3 games. This substantial investment will empower the company to create innovative gaming experiences in the blockchain space, building on the expertise of its seasoned team members from companies like Epic Games, Zynga, EA, Activision, and Google.

Game-Changing Funding Round

The $33 million seed round was co-led by prominent venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Greenoaks, with participation from renowned investors, including Naval Ravikant and the founders of Twitch. This strong financial backing highlights the significant potential seen in Proof of Play's vision for the future of gaming.

Pirate Nation A Revolution in Web3 Gaming: 

Proof of Play's inaugural game, Pirate Nation, is designed to address common challenges faced by players in the Web3 gaming sphere. The game offers an accessible entry point for players, allowing them to quickly immerse themselves in the gaming experience without needing an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology. Pirate Nation is a social role-playing game where players can construct their own pirate ships and embark on adventures across the high seas.

Embracing Decentralization

Decentralization is a cornerstone of Proof of Play's philosophy. The company is committed to decentralizing its technology framework and plans to open-source it in the future. This commitment to transparency and decentralization aligns with the principles of the blockchain community.

Expanding Horizons

The funds raised will enable Proof of Play to bolster its team, fostering talent acquisition and nurturing the development of new and groundbreaking games. The company's ambitious roadmap includes the creation of a platform that empowers creators to craft on-chain games and applications using Proof of Play's cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Pirate Nation's Future and Beyond

Proof of Play has exciting plans for Pirate Nation's evolution, with upcoming features that include player-owned islands and the establishment of an NFT marketplace. These enhancements will further enrich the gaming experience and provide players with opportunities to own and trade unique in-game assets.


Proof of Play's successful funding round signifies a significant step forward in the advancement of Web3 gaming. With the support of leading investors, the company is poised to shape the future of blockchain-based gaming, creating immersive and accessible experiences that resonate with a global audience.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial or investment advice.

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