Canto and Astar Migrate to Ethereum as Layer-2 Solutions for Enhanced Scalability and Interoperability


Canto, a Cosmos-based blockchain, and Astar, a prominent Polkadot chain, have jointly announced their migration to Ethereum as Layer-2 solutions. This strategic move is geared towards addressing scalability challenges and improving interoperability across various blockchain networks.

Canto's Transition

Canto, initially a layer-1 permissionless blockchain on Cosmos, focuses on bridging the traditional financial sector with decentralized finance (DeFi) applications through open public infrastructure. Canto Commons, the project behind Canto, has made plans to develop an Ethereum ZK rollup using the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK). This transition will enable Canto to tap into Polygon's ecosystem liquidity via a shared ZK bridge, while its validators and staking system will remain unaffected.

Astar's Migration

Astar, a significant player in the Polkadot ecosystem, has also opted to develop its Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution called Astar ZK-Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Similar to Canto, Astar will utilize Polygon's CDK for this purpose. The move to Ethereum as a Layer-2 solution will empower Astar to benefit from Ethereum's robust security and scalability while preserving its distinct features and functionality.

Enabling Cross-Chain Communication

Both Canto and Astar are designed to facilitate cross-chain communication and enhance interoperability among diverse blockchain networks. By transitioning to Ethereum as Layer-2 solutions, they aim to harness Ethereum's strengths while bolstering their ability to interact seamlessly with other blockchain ecosystems.


The migration of Canto and Astar to Ethereum as Layer-2 solutions marks a strategic step forward in addressing scalability and interoperability challenges in the blockchain space. This transition allows these projects to leverage Ethereum's network capabilities while maintaining their unique characteristics, ultimately contributing to the development of a more connected and versatile blockchain ecosystem.

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